Yes, Check Your Pool Electrical Every Year.


You need to know about Pool Electric Safety.
Attention Pool Owners!    

We have your pool’s wiring plan.


Pool Electrical safety.  Call Design Lighting by Marks, a member of 23 Banks Design Group


Each year, all your local municipalities, require safety GFI devices to be checked or replaced.
Whether you had the pool company replace a pool motor or read your local CODE booklet, there is a responsibility of which you need to be aware.  Service work, plus the seasonal freezing and unfreezing creates loose connections in your pool’s electrical components. An annual check-up is a necessary precaution, thus preventing unwanted, inconvenience outages or unsafe situations.

This is serious business.  All work done on GFI safety devices should ONLY be performed by a LICENSED Electrical Contractor… not the pool companies, or the local handyman.  LICENSED Electrical Contractors are placed under the strictest of training guidelines. Each year they are required to know the new codes and regulations associated with the on-going electrical sophistication of which pools are now equipped. Design Lighting by Marks is one of those Electrical Contractors’ firms.


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We have your pool’s wiring plan.

There are few pool companies that work in your community.  We have been the reliable resource for all their pool electrical work, since the ’80s.  Because of this, we have found that at least 5 – 6 of our 30 employees have had a hand in the construction/service of your pool. This means that WE HAVE YOUR ELECTRICAL POOL PLAN.  So, when you call, we can pull out your pool electrical plan, find the breakage, and save you time and money.


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Call us now to secure your pool of any electrical issues. We inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and fix any problem.  Don’t take the risk of not checking the electrical in and around your pool.   914-747-7777 Or Email






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