5 Ways to Get Your Outdoor Lighting Ready for Spring

Spring is finally here! That means you get to enjoy your outdoors again. As you make your outdoor space living-and-entertainment- ready, you shouldn’t neglect your lighting. The last thing you want is to have your lights fail on you during your dinner party. Your outdoor lighting has probably taken quite a beating from the harsh winter weather. Below is a list from Design Lighting by Marks, of things to do to get your outdoor lighting system ready for spring:

  1. Inspect and repair any Winter Damage

Now that the snow has thawed, check for:

  • Damaged fixtures. Your lighting may have been damaged by sleds and snow plows. Take advantage of any warranties to replace cracked lenses and bent fixtures.
  • Misaligned fixtures. Seasonal changes can cause fixtures mounted on the ground to shift. The original position of fixtures mounted on trees will also shift with time as the trees grow. Any misalignment or changes in position should be adjusted for your fixtures to perform optimally.
  1. Clean lenses

Dirty lenses will not shine as bright as they should. Wipe down all the lenses to remove dirt or mineral deposits and debris that may have deposited on the lenses during landscaping.

  1. Clean around the fixtures

If you have had your property mulched, it’s likely some mulch will end up on your lighting. This could prevent light from shining through the lenses. You should also trim off any branches that have grown over fixtures.

  1. Inspect for cut wires

Your lights will not work if there are cut wires. Inspect for any damage and have any cut wires replaced or rewired.

  1. Reset your landscape lighting timer.

Due to day light saving time, night will come an hour later. You will need to adjust your landscape lighting timer to accommodate this change and take advantage of natural lighting. If you don’t adjust your timer, your lights will be going on too early. Now would also be the best time to install a digital that will automatically adjust to new timing as the seasons change.

Contact Design Lighting by Marks for Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

If you don’t have the time to do your own lighting maintenance, Design Lighting by Marks will be more than happy to do it for you. Our company has been providing lighting designlandscape lightingmaintenance and generator installation to homes and businesses in Westchester for 45 years. Our customers trust us because we have a track record for “ONE-DAY, no-mess, no-hassle installation”. In just one day, we will survey your property for any lighting problems and make the necessary repairs. We will also recommend and handle design adjustments to complement your landscape.

Contact us on (914) 747-7777 / (203) 967-4777 or request our services through this form and we will get back to you.


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