What Your Front Door Color Says About You…

Red-Door-color_lighting design by marks

Entry doors should have feng shui to make an inviting and warm entry point for your everyday and events. A well-chosen color accented with an understated lighting system, takes you and your home to that happy place, in an elegant fashion.

It’s always ‘all in the details’.

What Front door COLORS Say about You:

Green doors:

Associated with Strength and Prosperity


Blue (as in Cobalt or Navy) doors:

Associated with Money and Wealth


Red Doors

Associated with Love and Happy Marriage


Earth (White or Grays) colored doors:

Associated with Nourishing and Caring Energies


Yellow, burgundy red, purple, deep orange, and rich pink doors:

Associated with Growth and Cultivation.


Remember: The best choice in home improvements is the one that leaves you giddy.



Finish it will…LIGHTING IT UP with an inviting elegant system.

 You’re in luck… Design Lighting by Marks is in your neighborhood

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