How to do the best lighting in kitchens

Best kitchen lighting techniques for westchester homes

A combination of natural lighting, overhead lighting and task lighting makes this kitchen bright and convenient to work in during the day and at night.  image source

When it comes to lighting up your home, natural lighting is the best lighting. But depending on the location of your windows, it might not be possible to take advantage of natural lighting. Natural lighting is also unavailable at night. To improve your lighting during the day and illuminate at night, you need artificial lighting.

However, the wrong choices when installing artificial lighting, could leave you with very bad lighting.

Qualities of bad lighting

Lighting that creates shadows

This problem is quite common when lighting is placed in the wrong spot. In the bathroom for instance, if you have a light above you, it will cast a shadow instead of illuminating your face. The type of fixture you choose can also minimize or increase shadows. For instance, a bulb creates more shadows than a horizontal tube.

To solve this problem, install task lighting. Lights installed under the cabinets provide the best task lighting in the kitchen or workshop. For your bathroom or vanity, lights should be placed on either side of the mirror for proper illumination.

Driveway ground lights that are not visible in bad weather

Ground lights can be installed within the driveway or at the perimeter of the driveway. They provide illumination without creating glare. Since they are not obtrusive, they are suitable for small enclosures. But if you live in an area that snows heavily, ground lights will not be much use in the winter because they will be covered in snow.

Driveway lights that looks like runway lighting

Post lights are another option for your driveway. Unlike ground lights, they are above ground so they will not be rendered useless by snowy weather.  However, when installed in a straight line, they can create a runway effect, which is not attractive from a design perspective.

To avoid creating the runway effect, your post lights should be fixed asymmetrically. If you have a garden along your driveway, you should install some of your post lighting within it.

Lights that have glare

Lighting that is excessively bright will cause glare. Glare can cause eye pain, reduced visibility and interfere with task performance. Outdoor lighting that has glare defeats the purpose of providing added security and might instead endanger you. For instance, if your porch light has glare, you could trip and fall when walking up the steps.

To reduce glare in your house or outdoors,

  • Use light dimmers to turn brightness up or down
  • Use lamp shades
  • Replace your bulbs
  • Use reflective light instead of direct light
  • Limit shiny surfaces within your space because they tend to reflect light

Using bounce back lighting is a technique that will allow your lights to shine on vertical surfaces such as walls, instead of directly downwards at you. Bounce back lighting is also good for creating the right ambience and mood in a room.

Additionally, using accent lighting will allow you to illuminate focal points in the room, such as wall art. Accent lights are brighter than other light bulbs, but since they are directed at a focal point, they won’t bother you.

A professional lighting designer will help with your lighting problem

Bad lighting will actually lower the value of your house. By reducing glare and improving light arrangement, you will improve the appearance of your house and incidentally, its price tag.

To improve your lighting, you need to hire a professional lighting designer. it might cost you for the moment, but it will be a worthwhile investment given that you’ll solve the problem once and for all.


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