Going Green

According to ENERGY STAR, lighting uses about 18 percent of the electricity generated in the U.S., and another 4 – 5 percent goes to remove the waste heat generated by those lights. Our commitment to energy-efficient lighting solutions reduces cost of ownership as well as environmental impact.

Sustainability Commitment

Green Lighting Options

Design effects.

Your lighting system uses a balance of direct and indirect lighting choices that meet the area’s needs. Our designs optimize visual appeal while preserving the environment.


We use a variety of energy-efficient products in our designs that offer high quality, low cost and longevity. All of the fixtures we use are LED-compatible. Other energy-conscious choices include low-voltage halogen fixtures, compact bulbs and eco-friendly fluorescent lights that use less mercury.

Lighting control features.

We offer a range of products that give you more control over your energy usage, including dimmer switches, photocells, motion sensors and timers.