Lighting Effects

Outdoor Lighting Techniques

The lighting effects shown can only be designed and installed for you by an artistic lighting designer

Up-Lighting for Directional Viewing

When the lighted object can be viewed from one direction only, above-grade accent lights are the logical choice. To prevent direct glare, fixtures are aimed away from observers. Place the accent lights behind shrubbery to keep a natural looking landscape.

Up-Lighting for All Around Viewing

If the lighted object may be viewed from any direction, well lights are the ideal solution. These below-grade fixtures are louvered to further reduce the potential for glare. Use the optional directional louver to gain efficiency when the fixture must be tilted within the well.

Moon Lighting

The effect of moonlight filtering through trees is another pleasing and functional outdoor lighting technique. Both up and down lighting is used to create this effect. With fixtures properly placed in trees, both the trees and ground are beautifully illuminated. Ground lighting provides security, and is accented by shadows from leaves and branches.

Down Lighting

For outdoor activity areas, fixtures placed above eye level provide efficient lighting for recreation, safety and security. Overlapping light patterns will soften shadows and create a more uniform lighting effect. Mount fixtures to patios, gazebos, facades, eaves or trees.

Silhouette Lighting

Trees and shrubs with interesting branch structure are dramatic when silhouetted against a wall or building facade. This combination of landscape and facade lighting provides additional security near the building.

Spot Lighting

Special objects such as statues, sculpture, or specimen shrubs should be lighted with fixtures that provide good shielding of the lamp. Mounting lights overhead on eaves or patio structures eliminates glare and fixture distraction. If ground-mounted fixtures must be used, conceal them with shrubbery.

Spread Lighting

Spread lights produce circular patterns of light for illuminating ground cover and low shrubs. Fully shielded fixtures produce the best glare-free landscape lighting. Partially shielded fixtures can be installed in taller shrubs where the additional up-light is useful in backlighting translucent foliage while reducing glare.

Path Lighting

Fully shielded path lights produce the best visibility by eliminating glare that could cause difficulty in recognizing obstacles or steps. Partially shielded path lights create a useful effect when placed within taller shrubs. The surrounding shrubbery filters light onto the pathway, reducing glare while also lighting the adjacent shrubs.