Bigger is Better … a Tip for ceilings you want to visually heighten.

best interior lightin in westchester and ct_design lighting by marks

I love that line. It is true. If it weren’t true, it would be used so much. This is the truth.

On to my topic.

Recessed lighting and the quality of life it can involve.

We love recessed lighting. Not only for the chic and clean finished look, but also for the illusion of higher and higher ceilings. Bigger is better. We know how we all feel.

They come nice and small 3″ diameter of sheer elegance… in the exact white colors of your ceilings. They can also be positioned to light up not only the high traffic areas but also your Picasso’s… and your children’s Picasso’s.

Pictures  on the wall at art gallery
The verbiage that we use is either recessed lights or high hats. Just so you know when we have the conversation about your amazing interior lighting.

Let me know that this was helpful. And remember we work all year round. In the winter months, we offer some promotional pricing to keep our guys healthy and working during their yearly classes. Call us at 914-747-7777 or 203-967-4777 or email

#bestlightinginlife #qualityoflifehasnothingon us.

– Mark

Ps: Please excuse any spelling errors. Remember, you want contractors trained in electricity — not writing — to do your lighting and generators. Thank you.

best interior lightin in westchester and ct_design lighting by marks

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